Is Telegram good or bad? (2024)

Is Telegram good or bad?

Telegram is safe, especially if you use it with the more stringent privacy settings. For maximum security while using Telegram, take the following measures: Always use Secret Chats to ensure messages are end-to-end encrypted. Turn off the People Nearby feature to protect your location.

Why would someone use Telegram?

Telegram is a popular alternative to traditional texting due to its availability across multiple operating systems. This allows iPhone and Android users to text each other easily, for example, which isn't possible using each type of device's native text messaging app.

What is the downside to using Telegram?

Difficult Customization Options: Some users have found it challenging to customize their channels in Telegram, particularly when it comes to changing the interaction settings after the channel has been set up and used for a while.

Can we trust Telegram?

Telegram Chats Aren't End-to-End Encrypted by Default

Telegram encrypts your messages as they travel between your device and the Telegram server. However, these messages sit on the server so you can access them from multiple devices. A breach of Telegram's servers could thus result in your messages being exposed.

Is it safe to send pictures on Telegram?

All data, regardless of type, is encrypted in the same way — be it text, media or files. Our encryption is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. You can find more info in the Advanced FAQ.

Why is my boyfriend using Telegram?

Telegram isn't only for having affairs, and isn't necessarily a cheater's app. Many people use this app for a variety of reasons. However, there are pieces of this app that could be used for infidelity. As with Viber, there's a hidden chat option, and you can get these chats from different devices.

Why would someone want to switch to Telegram?

Of course, being an instant messaging platform it allows you to send and receive messages to and from your contacts. You don't need to share your phone number, in fact, you can hide it to protect your privacy. Telegram gives you the possibility to create your own username so you can be found through its search engine.

How to know a scammer on Telegram?

How to recognize a scam
  1. Never trust strangers sending you any kind of offers or links. ...
  2. Nothing you receive on Telegram is ever critically urgent. ...
  3. Never share your login credentials. ...
  4. Be suspicious of any username or message containing a lot of spelling mistakes.

Is Telegram owned by Russia?

Telegram was launched in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Previously, the pair founded the Russian social network VK, which they left in 2014, saying it had been taken over by the government. Pavel sold his remaining stake in VK and left Russia after resisting government pressure.

Who uses Telegram the most?

Telegram Use in India

India is Telegram's largest market and accounts for approximately 22% of the app's global downloads, with more than 220 million total downloads as of August 2021.

Can police track Telegram?

The platform's anonymity ensures law enforcement agencies can't track down anyone conducting illicit activities. It has a strict privacy policy stating that it does not share user IP addresses, phone numbers, or other information with law enforcement agencies.

Is Telegram used for dating?

The 'People Nearby 2.0' feature, in particular, brings to mind the functionalities of dating apps, allowing users to discover and interact with others nearby. With such innovations, Telegram might be paving the way for a new era where it's also recognized as a platform for dating and making local connections.

Can the government track Telegram?

First, messages sent in Secret Chat are end-to-end encrypted, and Telegram does not store these messages on its own servers. This means that unless the government has access to your device, it does not have access to your private messages or content within Telegram.

Can Telegram users see my phone number?

Telegram requires a phone number to create an account. By default, this phone number will be visible by your Telegram contacts. If you have given Telegram access to your contact books when creating your account, this means all these contact will be able to see your phone number and know that you are using Telegram.

Can people see my photos on Telegram?

By default, anyone who has your phone number can see your Telegram profile picture. But you can change this. Here's how: Go to Settings: Tap or click on the "Settings" menu.

Why does Telegram need my phone number?

Besides authentication, a phone number makes it possible for contacts who have the number stored on their device to message a user on the platform.

How insecure is Telegram?

Telegram is safe, especially if you use it with the more stringent privacy settings. For maximum security while using Telegram, take the following measures: Always use Secret Chats to ensure messages are end-to-end encrypted. Turn off the People Nearby feature to protect your location.

Are there fake accounts on Telegram?

Here are some common methods used by scammers on Telegram: Phishing scams: Scammers create fake websites or login pages that resemble the official Telegram website. They trick users into entering their login credentials, giving scammers access to their accounts.

Why do random people keep messaging me on Telegram?

If your phone number is visible to all, spammers can find this and then add you to spam groups or direct message (DM) you using your number.

Why do girls want to talk on Telegram?

Telegram is more safe and secure that Whatsapp . Whatsapp exposes your phone number when you message a certain person, which is the major reason why people chose telegram. Also unlike telegram whatsapp does not have a powerful end to end encryption, which means that people can analyze your messages or files.

Is Telegram free to use?

Telegram is free forever, with no advertisem*nts and no subscription fees. Being free of cost and accessible it is a highly recommended tool. Plus it is very secure and safe.

What is secret chat on Telegram?

The Telegram secret chat is an end-to-end encrypted chat between two users. Apart from the two users involved, no one can read the content of the secret chat. Only the two users can delete the secret chat. Once a user deletes a secret chat, it will be erased from the other user's end.

How can I know if someone is checking my Telegram profile?

No, people cannot see if you view their profile on Telegram. Telegram does not track or record profile views, so there is no way for someone to know if you have viewed their Telegram profile.

Who owns Telegram?

Pavel Durov, the Russian-born French-Emirati entrepreneur is the founder and owner of messaging app Telegram. The app has more than 700 million monthly active users worldwide. Telegram is free to use and it competes with apps like WhatsApp.

How do you know if a celebrity is really messaging you?

How do you know if a celebrity is really messaging you on Facebook? The easiest way is to look for the blue checkmark next to the profile picture, which means the account has been verified.


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