The Ultimate Guide to State and Local E-Bike Rebates and Tax Credits (2024)

E-bikes have become a vehicle of innovation as the world strives for a more sustainable future. Governments and private organizations have begun to offer rebates and tax incentive programs to encourage people to purchase electric bicycles. With so many different rebates and tax credits available, it can be difficult to know which ones you qualify for and which are available in your area. States and cities are also stepping up with these tax credits and e-bike rebates to help consumers save when purchasing a new e-bike as more Americans go green and look to save. To help you understand these rebates and tax credits, we've compiled a list of all EV tax credits and rebates for e-bikes available in states and local areas.

The Ultimate Guide to State and Local E-Bike Rebates and Tax Credits (1)


California Statewide: A California E-Bike Affordability Program is a $10 million initiative launched by the California Bicycle Coalition in collaboration with the California Air Resources Board to give up to 10,000 Californians additional benefits when purchasing a new e-bike.

Contra Costa County: Adult (18+) residents of Contra Costa County can apply for a $150 rebate toward the purchase of any e-bike, e-bike conversion kit, or electric moped. This rebate is based on your household income and applies to Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes. It has been increased to $300 for low-income households. To take full advantage of this rebate, apply within six months of purchasing your new e-bike!

Healdsburg: The city of Healdsburg is offering up to $700 in e-bike rebates for residents. There are several tiers, the highest of which is $700, with others at $400, $300, and $50. Which rebate you receive is determined by several factors, including what you buy, where you buy it, your residency, and your income status.

Monterey: Eligible applicants in the Monterey Bay E-Bike Incentive Program will receive a post-purchase rebate ranging from $500 to $1000. To be considered, you must first purchase an e-bike from a qualified shop and then apply for consideration.

Mountain View- Google Employees Google employees working on the Mountain View campus who participated in the company's 6-month bike lending program are eligible for a $500 post-purchase rebate.

Oakland:The Electric Bike Lending Library is offering 500 low-cost e-bike rentals to low-income Oakland residents.

Santa Barbara: All Santa Barbara residents aged 16 and up are eligible to participate in the EZBike Project, which offers e-bikes to those who want to protect the ozone layer as much as possible.

San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties:Residents can trade in their high-emission vehicles for cleaner alternatives and receive up to $9500 in cash to cover the costs through the Replace Your Ride program.

Santa Clara:If you apply within 60 days of purchasing your e-bike, Silicon Valley Power will offer you a rebate of approximately 10% of the pre-tax cost of an e-bike.

Santa Cruz:Depending on where you live, low-income residents may be eligible for up to $800 in e-bike rebates, while non-low-income residents may be eligible for a total of $400 in e-bike rebates through the GO Santa Cruz E-Bike rebate program. The prerequisites are that you apply for the program, watch the bike safety training video, and then complete a quiz and survey. If you complete all of these steps, you will receive a rebate voucher via email that you can redeem at any participating e-bike shop.

San Diego:San Diego residents can qualify for the Pedal Ahead Program, which lends e-bikes for the next two years, by obtaining bike insurance and tracking their mileage with a minimum of 150 miles per month.

San Francisco Bay Area:Another superb first step can be found in the Bay Area, where the Clean Cars for All program offers low-income residents a whopping $7500 to dispose of old and polluting e-bikes and replace them with new electric vehicles.

The $7500 threshold can be met collectively by all family members in a single household purchasing various accessories such as bike locks, helmets, horns, and many more, in addition to additional e-bikes. If you live in a designated area and fall within 400% of the federal poverty line, you can apply for the rebate by filling out the necessary paperwork.

San Gabriel Valley: Activate San Gabriel Valley collaborated with the local city council to create a library for regular e-bikes and cargo e-bikes.


Colorado Statewide:The Colorado Legislature provided $12 million in Air Quality Improvement Investments to minor governments, local governments, and nonprofits interested in launching e-bike sharing or ownership programs. In addition, the initiative includes modest e-bike rebates for middle- to low-income households.

Archuleta and La Plata: La Plata Electric Association members who purchased a new e-bike within the last 90 days are eligible for a $300 e-bike rebate. All members must remember to apply for the rebate, which cannot exceed 25% of the cost of the new e-bike.

Avon: Residents of Avon can expect a $200 e-bike rebate if they buy a new e-bike worth $1000 or more. People who prefer to buy a used e-bike, on the other hand, will receive a $100 rebate. The restriction of using e-bikes as a replacement for all car rides may appear onerous, but if you are willing to accept such terms, make sure to apply for an e-bike rebate within the next 180 days.

Edwards:If you are an Edwards confirmed resident, you can qualify for a $200 e-bike rebate on your next e-bike purchase if the bike costs more than $500. This rebate is only available if you apply within the first six months of purchasing a new e-bike.

Denver:If you find a participating local bike shop and apply through the City of Denver, you can get a generous $1700 e-bike rebate. Individuals looking for a cargo e-bike can also save an additional $500. They also provide 30 e-bikes to a few low-income neighborhoods as a bonus. You can look it up on their official website, where you can also find the three pickup locations.

Gunnison:All Gunnison County Electric Association members can receive a 25% post-purchase rebate on all new e-bikes, up to a maximum of $150. You can apply for the post-purchase rebate on their website with a copy of your official e-bike receipt.

Gunnison County, Mesa, Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle, and Glenwood Springs:all locals of these counties who wish to purchase a brand new e-bike can obtain a $50 rebate. The only catch is that you must be a Holy Cross Energy customer and have a maximum of two e-bikes per household to be eligible for the $50 rebate.

Granby:Official Mountain Parks Electric members should keep an eye out for rebates of up to 25% of the total cost of a new e-bike, with a cap of $150 that must be met. Remember to file a receipt within the next 90 days via an email containing your new e-bike receipt.


Connecticut Statewide:The Connecticut Clean Air Act expanded the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate in May 2022 to include a $500 rebate for all e-bikes costing up to $3000.

Furthermore, the Connecticut Assembly may soon enact a personal tax credit for all e-bike purchases for state residents. Depending on your household income, the tax credit will range between $250 and $1000.The bill is currently being reviewed by the Committee on Finance, Revenue, and Bonding


Hawaii residents can look forward to a 20% e-bike rebate, with a maximum of $500, courtesy of the Hawaii Legislature if a new bill is signed into law by the governor's office.


Easter Iowa:Those interested in purchasing an e-bike can expect a 25% post-purchase rebate of up to $150, which is currently only available to members of the Eastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative. The application and proof of purchase must be submitted within 180 days of purchasing your new e-bike.


Massachusetts Statewide:The Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy has taken the first step with the Massachusetts State Legislature to include a $500 to $750 e-bike rebate on all purchases, based solely on Massachusetts residents' income status. The bill is only currently being discussed between the two parties.

Worcester:As part of the Accelerating Clean Transportation For All program, low-income residents will be able to apply for a loan for a new e-bike. Approximately 100 e-bikes will be available for low-income Worcester residents, who will be provided with an e-bike for two years as well as a free course on how to drive them safely. Still, this initiative is in its early stages, and we hope it succeeds.


Ann Arbor:The beautiful city of Ann Arbor has partnered with local e-bike vendors to provide a $100 discount on select e-bikes as well as a $50 credit toward accessories.


New York Statewide:When it comes to e-bike rebates, most should aspire to the level of self-awareness that New York State officials have:

A Ride Clean program is in the works, thanks to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and will offer a 50% rebate on all e-bike purchases, up to $1400. Mirroring New York's "Drive Clean" electric car program, its goal is to make sustainable and accessible modes of transportation affordable to more people. E-bike enthusiasts can thank the Drive Clean program for shedding light on the possibility of further investigating an e-bike rebate of such magnitude. The initiative was launched this year, and bike lovers hope it will be successful.

Niagara Falls and Buffalo:The East Side Bike Club and the Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative offer free e-bike rentals to all community members through an e-bike library. One of the primary reasons for such measures, as with most initiatives, is the overwhelming need to preserve our ozone layer. However, in this case, officials believed that promoting biking as a form of exercise was a great idea for considering renting e-bikes.


Oklahoma Statewide:The Oklahoma State Legislature is debating a proposed bill that would provide a $200 tax credit for all new and qualifying electric bicycle purchases. There are no other details available until further notice.


Oklahoma Statewide:The Oklahoma State Legislature is debating a proposed bill that would provide a $200 tax credit for all new and qualifying electric bicycle purchases. There are no other details available until further notice.

Ashland:E-bike rebates range from $200 to $600 for Ashland Electric Utility customers, depending on the type of e-bike and where it was purchased. Customers from the European Union must apply within 180 days of purchasing an e-bike.

Corvallis Country-Benton:A whopping $1200 rebate awaits anyone interested in purchasing e-bikes from participating bike shops. Only Corvallis County and Benton County residents are eligible for this benefit; don't forget to apply!

Eugene:Every Eugene Water & Electric Board customer who wants to support active transportation can apply for a $300 e-bike rebate to offset emissions. The rebate will be granted if you apply within 180 days of purchasing the e-bike.


Austin:Austin is at the forefront of e-bike incentives in Texas. Austin Energy has coordinated a program that provides qualifying customers with rebates of up to $300. Fleets of e-bikes may be eligible for rebates of up to $400. Both residential and commercial customers can take advantage of this program.


Vermont Statewide:A bill offering anywhere from $200 to $400 in rebates currently resides in the Transportation Committee and is being reviewed by the Vermont State Legislature. The rebate amount is proportional to your general salary; those with lower incomes should look toward the higher end of the rebate range.

Brooklyn and the Bronx:Another fantastic solution can be found in the Brooklyn and the Bronx initiative, which proposed providing close to 5000 e-bikes to residents who want to ride a bike to and from work.

Burlington:For Burlington residents, online retailers and local stores are offering a $200 rebate on all e-bike purchases. To receive the rebate for online purchases, you must do the following: Once you've completed your purchase, submit the application. Local stores, on the other hand, will only give you a discount if you show them your ID and mail containing your official address; a coupon for $200 off will be provided, courtesy of the Burlington Electric Department. This program will expire on December 31, 2022.

Colchester and Surrounding Areas:If you are a Green Mountain Power customer and want to help the environment by riding your e-bike instead of driving your car, you can save $200 on all e-bike purchases from local retailers. To be eligible for these savings, you must present the following documents: a Green Mountain Power energy statement, your official address, and your account number. If you provide the previous statements, you will be eligible for the rebate.

Stowe:We can thank the Stowe Electric Department for providing us with an excellent opportunity to obtain a $200 post-purchase rebate. However, you must remember that only Class 1 e-bikes are eligible for this program. If you meet the previous criteria, locate and complete the official online application, as well as submit a receipt, if you want to receive this rebate.

Swanton Village, Jacksonville Village, Village of Orleans, Northfield Electric Department, Village of Johnson, Morrisville Water & Light Department, Lyndonville Electric Department, Village of Enosburg Falls, Ludlow Electric Light Department, Hardwick Electric Department, and Barton Village:The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority is offering a $100 rebate on all e-bike purchases or retrofit kits if you’re in any of these serviced areas.

It is possible to do so online by completing the form and submitting proof of purchase along with the bike's official serial number. After that, you'll be eligible for the after-purchase rebate. However,you have until the last day of the year to file the request.

Upper Valley, Montpelier, and Brattleboro:Several statewide partners, most notably Local Motion, are currently offering free e-bike testing to anyone in the state who wants to try out a new e-bike. If you're interested, keep in mind that all e-bikes must be reserved ahead of time, in addition to the general availability of renting e-bikes from Thursday to Monday.

Washington Electric Coop Service Areas:Although Washington Electric Coop members are eligible for a $200 rebate if they purchase an in-state e-bike, the program will expire at the end of this year. There is currently only a limited amount of information available about what will happen once it expires.


Washington Statewide:Washington state legislators are currently reviewing a proposal for a $1000 tax credit for all e-bike purchases, with an estimated capital of $100 million. Aside from that, the Washington Legislature House has proposed an additional $200 in e-bike accessories, as well as an exemption from sales taxes on all e-bike purchases. Currently, the previous initiative only serves as a test to see if e-bike sales can increase after-tax breaks are eliminated.

Seattle:Amazon Corporate Offices in Seattle are providing their employees with a monthly subsidy of up to $400 to cover the cost of e-bike leases. The subsidy can also be used in app-based bike-sharing programs.


Don't let the lack of local financial incentives stop you from purchasing an electric bike if you didn’t find any financial incentive programs in your city or state. The "Build Back Better" bill, pending legislation, would provide a nationwide tax credit of up to $900 for eligible electric bike purchases. The credit is available to those who meet the income cap and purchase an electric bike costing less than $4,000. This is a great opportunity for those looking to go green and make a smart investment in their transportation.

By taking advantage of local and state e-bike rebates and tax incentives, you can save on your purchase and reduce your overall costs. Not only will you save money on the purchase of your bike, but you'll also save on maintenance costs and enjoy the many benefits of riding an electric bike, such as increased fitness, convenience, and environmental sustainability. So take the time to research your local and state incentives and start enjoying the many rewards of owning an electric bike.

What’s more? You should know that buying from some of the best e-bike brands, such as Hovsco e-bikes, with lesser prices but higher quality e-bikes helps you save more when you also use these rebates and tax incentives. What are you waiting for? Buy an e-bike today and snag these savings as you go green.

The Ultimate Guide to State and Local E-Bike Rebates and Tax Credits (2024)
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