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2. John Dee's Snowfall forecast

  • I am going to let the graphic do most of the ugly talking, but will add that while the news looks quite bleak for this winter across most of the northern US ...

  • Seasonal Outlook: Winter 2023/2024

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4. Fall Reports, Snow Reports & Other Seasons - Northwoods Wisconsin

  • JOHN DEE FORECAST GRAPHIC · NOAA Snow Cover Map Ice and Snow Cover Map · Winter Road Conditions · Road Conditions/Work Zones · Travel Wisconsin Fall Color ...

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Fall Reports, Snow Reports & Other Seasons - Northwoods Wisconsin

5. Remembering Famed Snowmobiling Meteorologist John Dee - Snow Goer

  • 16 nov 2023 · Heartbreaking news tumbled out of Michigan's Upper Peninsula of the passing of famed snowmobiling meteorologist and website guru John Dee.

  • Heartbreaking news tumbled out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula of the passing of famed snowmobiling meteorologist and website guru John Dee.

Remembering Famed Snowmobiling Meteorologist John Dee - Snow Goer

6. Snow and Weather Updates - Northern Michigan Snowmobile

  • Check the Snow Depth Map for areas with the best snow. Check out John Dee and the John Dee Forecast Graphic and John Dee Text Forecast for his take on this ...

  • Check back here often for the latest information from a variety of resources on weather forecasts and snowfall totals.

7. GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather ...

  • 14 nov 2023 · GraphCast is a weather forecasting system based on machine learning and Graph ... We also want to thank Svetlana Grant, Jon Small for providing ...

  • Our state-of-the-art model delivers 10-day weather predictions at unprecedented accuracy in under one minute

GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather ...

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  • Geplaatst: 26 mrt 2024

  • Today…….May 14th  was once celebrated like a national holiday in our home. 25 years ago today, John Dee moved to the UP. I loved to hear him tell the story about his first evening and morning in the Lake Linden house. Having Dad make the journey north with him, ordering and eating pizza from the Loading Zone and waking up the next morning to the smell of the pine trees. John would recount those memories with such joy and excitment in his voice, as if it just happened yesterday. He loved the UP so much! Those early days were spent exploring with the Hounds in the Honda….journals several times a week….always looking for an adventure. I miss those days! 

9. Best Snowfall Prediction, Reports and Resources: For Snowmobilers

  • 18 jan 2022 · ... John Dee and the weather information he brings you. All of his forecasts are free and well-detailed. He has a graphic that breaks down the ...

  • Throw away those weather apps. We are trying to snowmobile, not get tan! We highlight the best resources to track incoming snowstorms and snowfall totals so you can find the best ridding!

Best Snowfall Prediction, Reports and Resources: For Snowmobilers
John Dee Forecast Graphic (2024)


What happened to John Dee, Michigan? ›

John Dee, 57, a resident of Jacobsville passed away unexpectedly on November 14, 2023 in Rochester, MN while undergoing evaluation for a heart transplant.

What are the weather conditions in the Midwest? ›

Midwest Weather ForecastMidwest Weather Forecast
Midwest Weather Today (1–3 days) Mostly dry. Warm (max 75°F on Sun afternoon, min 52°F on Fri night). Mainly fresh winds.
°CFriday 31
Humid Humid %5419
10 more rows

Why was John Dee imprisoned? ›

“Dee was arrested and accused of attempting to kill [Mary] with sorcery. He was imprisoned in Hampton Court in 1553.

What happened to John Dee, meteorologist? ›

According to his obituary, he died November 14 in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic. UPDATE: His obituary said John Dee was “undergoing evaluation for a heart transplant” when he passed away.

Are winters getting warmer in the Midwest? ›

Climate Central analysis shows that the unusually warm wintertime temperatures forecast over the five days leading up to and including Christmas Day (December 21-25) for much of the Upper Midwest are at least twice as likely due to human-caused climate change.

What is the coldest month in the Midwest? ›

N​OAA map shows when the average coldest day of the year typically occurs in the United States: From the Northern Plains to the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, the last two weeks of January are typically the coldest time of year. Only some parts of northern Michigan typically are coldest after February 1.

Why does it get so cold in the Midwest? ›

The Midwest receives warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and cold, dry air from the Rocky Mountains and Canada. The warmer, lower air from the Gulf is moving north, constantly adding more heat and moisture. The colder, higher air is moving west.

What happened to John Dee? ›

He spent the end of his life in poverty, dying in either 1608 or 1609. A published edition of the diary of Dr John Dee is in the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum and is full of fascinating insights into the man himself and of Tudor times.

How old was John Dee when he died? ›

Dee spent his final years in poverty at Mortlake, forced to sell off various possessions to support himself and his daughter, Katherine, who cared for him until his death in Mortlake late in 1608 or early in 1609 aged 81.

What did John Dee do? ›

John Dee was an English scholar who wrote on trigonometry, on calendar reform, on navigation, on geography and on astrology. He became astrologer to Queen Mary but was imprisoned for being a magician.

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