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  • Why are my snacks, such as croquettes and chicken nuggets, not baked crispy and brown?

    Why are my snacks, such as croquettes and chicken nuggets, not baked crispy and brown?

    Answer: For optimal results with the Airfryer, you should use oven-ready products. Oven-ready snacks become golden brown and crispy when prepared in the Airfryer. If you prepare snacks in the Airfryer that are meant to be prepared in a deep-fat fryer, the snacks usually stay pale and are often less crispy.

    If you did use oven-ready snacks and they do not become crispy and stay pale, please check the following:

    The amount of ingredients:

    Put smaller batches of ingredients in the basket. Cover the bottom of the basket with just one layer. Smaller batches are fried more evenly.

    The set temperature:

    Most snacks need to be prepared at 200ºC, except for pastry-based snacks. You have to airfry pastry-based snacks at 180ºC.

    The preparation time:

    If you have not preheated the Airfryer before you put in the snacks, make sure you add 3 minutes extra to the preparation time when you start frying.

    Note: Most snacks need the preparation time indicated for the oven to become fully cooked. Preparation times for the deep-fat fryer are shorter and will not lead to a well-cooked result. Most snacks need between 6 and 10 minutes to cook.

    Tip: If your croquettes or snacks burst when you prepare them in the Airfryer, choose a shorter preparation time.

    If the snacks still do not turn out crispy and brown, we advise you to contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country.

  • Why is the Airfryer better than a conventional deep-fat fryer?

    Why is the Airfryer better than a conventional deep-fat fryer?

    Answer: Unlike a conventional deep-fat fryer, you do not have to use frying oil in the Airfryer to prepare tasty food. The Airfryer fries the food with circulating hot air by a process referred to as Rapid Air technology. Thanks to this technology, the fries contain up to 80% less fat than fries prepared in a deep-fat fryer. When you prepare homemade French fries, the fat percentage can be even as low as 1.5%

    As no frying oil is needed, preparing food in the Airfryer produces less smell than frying in a conventional deep-fat fryer.

  • What types of frozen fries can I prepare in the Airfryer?

    What types of frozen fries can I prepare in the Airfryer?

    Answer: You can prepare two types of froze fries in the Airfryer:

    1. Frozen oven-ready fries

    2. Frozen fries suitable for deep-fat frying.

    Tip:Other frozen potato varieties other than fries are also worth trying.

    Note: Keep in mind that frozen fries differ from each other. Different brands and varieties need their own settings. In the manual and the Quick Start Guide, you find indications on preparation times. If your frozen fries do not turn out as expected, please read the FAQ ‘My food does not turn out as crispy as I expected. What can I do?’

  • Which oil is best to use?

    Which oil is best to use?

    Answer: Most cooking oils can be used to add taste and crispiness to ingredients prepared in the Airfryer.

    We advise you to stick to traditional cooking oils such as:

    • Olive oil
    • Sunflower oil
    • Peanut oil

    You can also use spiced or flavored oil or soak spices in the oil before you use it. This is an easy way to vary the flavors in your dishes. You can also use butter sprays.

    Note: Adding oil is only necessary when you prepare homemade dishes from fresh ingredients that have not been pretreated, such as freshly peeled potatoes or unmarinated chicken. Adding oil creates a crispy layer on the untreated food and improves its taste.

  • How long does the Airfryer have to cool down before I can store it?

    How long does the Airfryer have to cool down before I can store it?

    Answer: We advise you to let the Airfryercool down before you store it. You can speed up the cooling-down process by taking the pan out of the appliance after use. When you have removed the pan, cooling down takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

    You can cool down the pan by filling it with cold tap water.

  • How to stop white smoke coming from the appliance?

    How to stop white smoke coming from the appliance?

    Answer: When you want to stop the white smoke, follow the below steps:

    1. Switch off the Airfryer

    2. Put on oven gloves to protect your hands. Pull the pan out and remove the basket. Put the basket on a plate for the time being
    Tip: You can cover it to keep most of the heat inside.

    3. Use a full hand of kitchen paper to soak up the oil on the bottom of the pan

    4. Put the basket back into the pan and slide the pan back into the appliance

    5. Resume the hot air frying process by turning the timer to the remaining minutes of the preparation time.

  • How to clean the outside and inside of the Airfryer?

    How to clean the outside and inside of the Airfryer?

    Answer: Because the Airfryer is not filled with oil, the outside of the appliance will not get greasy like a conventional deep fat fryer. Make sure your Airfryer is cooled down!

    1. Clean the outside of the appliance with a moist cloth

    2. Clean the inside of the appliance with hot water and a soft sponge

    3. If necessary, food residues stuck to the heating element can be removed with a soft to medium bristle brush.
    Important: Do not use a steel wire brush or a hard bristle brush, as this might damage the coating on the heating element.

    4. Clean the heating element with a soft to medium bristle brush

    5. Afterwards dry the heating element with paper towels.

  • How to clean the Airfryer basket and the pan?

    How to clean the Airfryer basket and the pan?

    Answer: When you want to clean the Airfryer basket and pan, follow the below steps:

    1. Fill the Airfryer pan with hot water to which you add some washing-up liquid

    2. Let the pan with the basket inside soak for 10 minutes

    3. Clean the black basket walls with a non-abrasive sponge or brush

    4. Turn the basket upside down. Scrub the basket bottom with a brush or a scouring pad

    5. Clean the pan with a non-abrasive sponge or brush.

Airfryer. Oil less frying with air | Philips (2024)


Do you use less oil in an air fryer? ›

This is because air fryers require significantly less fat for cooking than traditional deep fryers. While many recipes for deep-fried dishes call for up to 3 cups (750 mL) of oil, air-fried foods need only about 1 tablespoon (15 mL). This means that deep fryers use up to 50 times more oil than air fryers.

What is the difference between an oil less fryer and an air fryer? ›

The difference between an air fryer and a deep fryer lies primarily with the process of frying food. Whereas deep fryers submerge food in batches of oil to achieve a crispy texture, air fryers use a modest amount of oil, relying instead on an internal heating element and airflow to achieve a delicious effect.

How does an air fryer make food crispy without oil? ›

Similar to a convection oven, there's a fan that circulates hot air around food in a perforated tray or basket. Because all the surface areas of the food are exposed to the hot air, the food cooks to become crispy on all sides without having to be submerged in hot oil.

Why are people getting rid of air fryers? ›

Summary. In conclusion, while air fryers offer certain benefits such as reduced calorie intake and faster cooking times, they are not without their limitations. Size constraints, limited cooking options, and concerns about crispiness are driving some people to look for alternatives.

How much oil should you use in an air fryer? ›

Generally, 1 to 2 teaspoons of oil are recommended for most recipes. Some frozen foods or breaded items may not require additional oil, while fresh meats and vegetables can be tossed in a few teaspoons of oil and seasoning before placing them in the air fryer.

Is air frying the same as frying? ›

An air fryer uses hot air circulation to cook food to crispy perfection. Unlike deep fryers that submerge food in hot oil, air frying circulates hot air around the food using a fan, creating a crispy texture without needing all the extra oil. This makes it a healthier alternative to deep fryers.

Is air frying better than frying? ›

That said, air frying significantly decreases the amount of oil absorbed into foods compared with deep frying. This is a benefit of using the air fryer because less oil generally leads to fewer calories consumed, which can reduce the risk of weight gain, obesity and more.

Why are my vegetables not crispy from the air fryer? ›

Overcrowding the basket will cause the vegetables to steam, not brown. Only add as many as will fit in a single layer. Then, air fry the vegetables at 375°F for 10 to 15 minutes, or until tender and browned. Toss halfway through the cooking time so that they brown evenly.

What is the trick to getting things extra crispy with an air fryer? ›

While we wish it were possible to fry without any oil, air fryers do need a little oil to make your food crispy (but you'll use a lot less than a traditional fryer). Toss your food with a small amount of oil (around a tablespoon or less) to coat it evenly, then add it to the air fryer basket.

Can you put foil in an air fryer? ›

The great news about air fryers is that you can use foil along with parchment paper to cook your food in an air fryer. Just remember that if it's safe and effective to use in a conventional oven, it will work just fine in an air fryer.

Why do chefs hate air fryers? ›

Food in an air fryer must be spaced out in order to actually cook, and since these fryers' baskets aren't all that big, you sometimes have to cook your food in batches. Since each batch can take several minutes to cook, this means that the first few will likely be cold by the time the last few are ready.

What is replacing air fryers? ›

A countertop oven is a quick fix

But I'll argue that the taste trade-offs are worth it, and that you'll still be heating food and cooking more quickly than you would in a large conventional oven.

Why do I hate air fryers? ›

As air fryers produce intense blasts of heat and circulate this heat rapidly, they can cook your food in record time and add that perfect crisp texture to foods like chips. But as the heat is so intense, an air fryer also has the potential to over-crisp or burn your food.

Can you cook vegetables in an air fryer without oil? ›

It's your choice whether you add oil when cooking vegetables in the air fryer. You can air fry veg with no oil. Alternatively, you can spray a little oil on the vegetables, which is the most common method. For crispy vegetables, you can toss in oil and seasoning or spices, like you do when you roast veg in the oven.

What is the best thing to put on the bottom of an air fryer? ›

Parchment paper is good for food that might stick to the basket, like chicken wings, making clean up a bit easier. If you're tempted to use parchment every day or are simply waste-conscious, consider instead a silicone liner for air fryers. They're reusable and dishwasher safe, cutting down on both waste and worry.

Does air frying take longer than oil frying? ›

It's no secret that fast food joints rely on this cooking method to produce perfectly fried food items in minutes. On average, the experts say that air frying takes between 10 to 15 minutes longer than deep frying. Still, cooking time isn't everything.

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